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Combating COVID-19 with computer power__

We all want to put an end to COVID-19 and it turns out that we can whilst staying at home. Folding@home, a fantastic project dedicated to disease research, is turning the power from idle computers into simulations of proteins in our bodies to understand how to tackle it_

The Folding@Home team have already found a location for drugs to bind to the COVID-19 protein and are working towards finding potential drugs that bind to the location and inhibit COVID-19.

Many of you could make a big difference to their research simply by setting the simulations up on unused computers. Find out exactly how the project is combatting COVID-19 here and join us in fighting the virus_

So far as an agency we’re ranked in the top 3.6% of contributors across the globe, collectively contributing over 60 simulations. Follow our team effort here_

In these unprecedented times, we are working tirelessly to help our clients navigate this crisis. For more ideas about how your business can come out swinging, get in touch with us at_