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Covid-19: Are you feeling remotely strategic?__

As we hurtle into week three of official lockdown in the UK, it feels the dust is starting to settle, people are adjusting to their new normal, the thought of wearing anything without an elasticated waistband to work a distant and almost laughable memory.

But as our step counts dwindle and our Rioja consumption skyrockets, the time for waiting is over. It’s mission critical to start thinking practically about how your business can navigate this crisis. For some it will be about how to emerge all the stronger, for others it will be a fight for survival. No matter your company’s challenge or objective, we can help.

In these unprecedented times, now more than ever, your brand needs to stand up and be counted. Regardless of your industry, this period of reflection is the ideal time to get your house in order and ensure you emerge a butterfly, rather than a moth *(insert obvious reference to moth balls here).

Over the past couple of weeks we have carefully honed our strategic packages to ensure our ways of working are optimised for managing projects remotely. From brand strategy, embedding values and defining purpose, through to marketing and comms strategies, you may be surprised at just how much we can achieve with a strong wifi connection and a soupcon of global branding experience.

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