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Getting ‘clobbered’: an award-winning shoot__

Some time ago I had an idea for a platform that would allow us to experiment and produce ideas almost entirely without restraints. I named this BLANK – so called for it being a canvas for no-limits creative expression (with budget being the only exception). But BLANK wasn’t created purely for our own benefit, it was designed to be both an online and printed publication to celebrate everybody that made it happen.

BLANK banishes the sense of hierarchy often associated with traditional platforms. Each person from the assistant to the model and photographer is equally important in creating the end result. Every publication to date serves as a portfolio for the individuals involved and provides opportunities to venture into new areas of exploration. This proactive work also gives us the chance to spark conversations with exciting new clients and brands, whilst showcasing our potential.

Our 8th issue began by collaborating with Matt Davis (Photographer) on an idea we called ‘Clobbered’ – combining fashion with fighting/boxing/wrestling to capture both meanings of the word. Colliding these two contrasting worlds, we set out to create a new aesthetic that was both beautiful and gritty. Whilst on the hunt for the perfect shoot location, we pulled a deck together to sell this dream to stylists, modelling agencies and everybody else who would help bring the idea to life. We then curated moodboards for our vision to form the briefing and guidance documents for clothing, lighting, camera angles and poses.

The shoot itself took place over one long day, but it wasn’t without its challenges. We’d hoped to capture video footage within this time too but had to fight off rainfall breaking through the roof – not ideal! Despite this we had a blast and are proud of the results. Following the shoot we entered the ‘Clobbered’ series of shots into the International Photography Awards. We recently found out we received an award win for efforts.

We’re chuffed with the outcome and we couldn’t have done it without such an amazing team of people on board. Well done to everyone involved!

Kit Williams – Model
Louise Ridge – Model
Rich Colvill – Art Direction
Becky Major – Assistant
Matt Davis – Photographer