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LA property trends that have crossed the pond__

We’ve had our feet firmly on the ground in Los Angeles for just over six years now. But it wasn’t just the weather or the beautiful people that convinced us to set up shop – we knew that the West Coast’s a mecca for emerging trends, shaping the way the rest of the world looks, talks and does business.

We are lucky enough to be at the forefront of creating some of the most influential fashion, wellness and technology brands, all of which are playing a part in revolutionising their respective industries.

Surprisingly though, it’s the property sector over on the West Coast that is currently screaming innovation. Working alongside and advising some of the leading developers, we have gained invaluable insights into the trends set to disrupt the UK market over the next few years.

And here they are, our three property trends set to make an impact in the UK…

1. Co-Living_

Billed as a cure to the housing crisis and urban loneliness, co-living has revolutionised the way people on the West Coast live and socialise day-to-day. With flexible leases proving popular among recent graduates and young professionals alike, co-living bridges that gap between university accommodation and a fully-fledged rented apartment.

With shared amenities designed to foster a sense of community, this type of accommodation allows you to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals within the comfort of your own home.

Companies like MODA and The Collective are early adopters of this concept in the UK and prove that, if executed correctly from a brand perspective, the proposition can be wildly successful.

2. Embracing Wellness_

Los Angeles is a melting pot of wellness trends, with all sorts of businesses looking to capitalise on this industry, now valued at $4.5 trillion.

As consumers become more conscious of their health, they are turning a keen eye to their living environment and the spaces they spend time in. Property developers who have embraced this way of thinking are winning.

From antimicrobial surfaces to vitamin C-filtered showers and advanced air purification systems to monitor air quality and remove harmful pollutants, pioneers in property are finding evermore innovative ways to create health-optimised spaces. These considerations could be the deciding factor for many potential occupiers.

3. Carbon Consciousness_

The considerations of both occupiers and investors are rapidly changing across the globe. Over the next few years, we will start to see that their actions are influenced by one question, “is it sustainable?”.

The property industry is at the heart of the UK’s drive for energy efficiency and a sustainable future, accounting for up to 45% of total carbon emissions (27% from domestic buildings and 18% from non-domestic). Furthermore, between 80% and 90% of the UK’s existing building stock will still be in use in 2050, resulting in a focus on improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Developers need to adapt and adhere to concerns around the global climate crisis. Those that do will reap the rewards and become an immediate preference in the eyes of both occupiers and investors.

Let’s Talk_

Implementing these changes is one thing, but executing them and educating your consumer is an entirely separate challenge.

You need to stay ahead of the curve and embrace these trends when and where possible. However, it is equally as important to ask yourself “Does this tie into our brand?”.

Your brand should be a constant work in progress, evolving will allow you to adopt new trends as they come and go, whilst continuing to engage your audience.

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