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TK’s Trend Roundup: What’s Got Us Talking?__

We’ve been behind the scenes working out what 2021 will hold. Our team’s taking big bets on the trends that will help brands adapt and stay relevant in an increasingly challenging landscape.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we believe lies ahead…

1. Shop & scroll: the rise of social media purchasing

Platforms like Instagram are making the consumer decision-making process slicker than ever, driving the entire discovery to purchase process within the app. 

2. Kindness is key

The pandemic will push kindness further up the agenda for brands wanting to engage consumers on a deeper level.

3. Customer-driven branding triumphs

“Brands will have to do more than creating sentimental content, that while in 2020 might have given us the warm and fuzzies, now just makes us eye roll and scroll on”, says Charlie, our Senior Brand Strategist.

4. Virtual events and experiences will live on

With greater accessibility comes greater participation, resulting in a boost in ROI for businesses.

5. Neumorphism is hitting our screens

“Neumorphism is creating a more stylish, minimalistic 3D approach,” says Emilia, our Digital Designer.

6. AI-driven design will take off

AI will become a firm ally for brands in creating more dynamic visual systems.

7. Honesty is the best policy

Brands who acknowledge their flaws and work to move forwards will be valued more for their human characteristics.

8. Purpose will be oxygen

“Brands that don’t stand for something really stand for nothing”, says Julia, our Brand Strategist.

9. Wellness architecture taking new heights

US Director Nicole says: “The pandemic is prompting architects to consider how they can support more resilient and self-reliant communities”.

10. Designing for good

Creativity will be at the forefront of how we develop, interact with and think about our cities. 

11. The growth of crypto art

Blockchain technology could open up a new realm for art and culture.

12. Merging worlds

The convergence of our real and virtual worlds will open new opportunities for struggling high street retailers.

13. Curiosity to kill complacency

“After years of working in the design industry, you need to go further than just blindly following trends”, says Phill, our Design Director.

Has that whet your appetite?

That’s just a taste of our trend report. But if you’re hungry to hear more, you can download the full report on the link below. 

Get your hands on it [here].