Alchemy Car Care

A new brand of high quality car care products, Alchemy needed a vision to capture their philosophy and brand story. Their brand name was created to represent their spin on alchemy; once the reserve of medieval bearded men intended to concoct the elixir of life, alchemy now meant the practice of mixing and blending detailing car products to breathe new life into paintwork.

We began the creative process by putting our most passionate motor enthusiasts to the task. Creating 3 routes in total, each designer used their knowledge of the industry to overturn conventions within the category and produce something fresh and exciting.

The chosen route married a sense of old chemistry bottles with a bold, minimalist twist and a logo that integrates motor symbols. Combined with strong, standout product names such as Cosmos and Dark Matter, the brand was given real memorability and integrity. The strength of the design also meant that it was extended into merchandise such as t-shirts to enhance desirability and reflect its modern, street-style edge.