A_TK were briefed to create a completely new brand from scratch for a unique property company to take on the big players in the industry. In a heavily saturated market dominated by industry giants, the brand needed to stand out, speak to consumers and persuade them to do property differently. Perceptions of property brands as they currently stand – impersonal, unreliable and uninspiring – had to be overturned.

And to do this we had to dig into their unique proposition and values. Founded by three entrepreneurial business women who believe in doing property properly, they were united by a passion for providing a service that’s personal, ethical, inspiring and aspirational.

We took these values to craft a brand with real personality, presence and meaning. Our approach combined fresh photography with a sleek, high-end fashion aesthetic contrasted with building materials. Creating a burger icon comprised of 3 tower-like blocks, we were able to represent both the industry and the 3 women integral to the business. The name Appliqué was also developed to ground the brand with further meaning. A French term, it represents the coming together of people to create a more diverse and comprehensive business that provides the bigger picture.