Great Lengths are the world leaders in hair extensions. We were tasked to create a campaign to target stylists and raise awareness of the brand and its diverse product range. We positioned the stylists as artists in their own right - much like the painter of a masterpiece, they are often unknown, enigmatic figures. From there 'The Artisans of Enhancement' campaign was pitched, commissioned and ready to bring to life. We set to work developing the key visuals as scamps, moodboards and mock-ups to brief everybody from the modelling agencies to photographers and stylists.
Holding castings with the client to guarantee a broad palette of hair ‘masterpieces’, we revealed how the products are the ultimate means of creative expression. During the shoot we were able to express our creativity, from the art direction to choosing the wardrobe and set dressing. Once we had executed multiple shots, dress changes, models and hairstyles, we began to retouch the shots in an artistic oil painting style to finesse the concept.
We branded the campaign with a hand-crafted type style reminiscent of hair strands and each sub-brand received its own finely-combed execution. Once complete, this campaign was successfully rolled out across all printed media and online.