Cavendish Square

This one-of-a-kind underground space in the heart of London is opening its doors to new occupants before being transformed into a cutting-edge property. Our challenge was to create a brand that speaks out to investors and shows the scale of this unique opportunity.

Our brand unravelled the true potential of the space, whilst showcasing the area’s rich history and prime location in the capital. We created a dynamic video centred on an enigmatic story of rarity, showing how it marks a chance to shape the space into something never seen before.

The results

Social reach: 53,819

Paid search engagements: 120,474

Paid social: 90k clicks, 5m impressions

Website: +9% traffic uplift, 7% of total revenue that month came from The Small Biggie

Whether its future was to be developed into a state-of-the-art medical facility, retail offering or anything else, the property’s proximity to world-renowned Harley Street and Oxford Street gives it great promise. However, this needed to be communicated to potential foreign investors perhaps not familiar with the area’s outstanding reputation.