Leaders in data quality and reconciliation, Duco were in need of a new brand to represent their pioneering position in the industry and attract the best talent to the business.

Developing a visual identity to mark their leadership of a new era in data, we created a logo, website, ads, collateral and collaborated with Northforge (animation and motion graphics experts) to produce a dynamic animation.

We discovered a way of visualising the complexity of data which transformed them from looking technical and unapproachable to being a forward-thinking and visually striking brand. This was their (now signature) ‘golden weave’ which intelligently mimics how they formulate data. Creating various different graphics from this golden data weave, we were able to differentiate each arm of the business credibly and roll it out onto each of the deliverables.

The resulting brand captures the business’s true mastery of data, and its launch sparked monumental successes for Duco. In the first 2 months alone the business acquired 4 new FTSE100 clients, billed £450k to new accounts and gained £14.1 million in private investment through IPO.