Kenwood Vineyards

After immersing ourselves in Kenwood’s home in Sonoma, California, we developed a strategic design direction for the brand to go and grow. We uncovered in-depth insights, created a brand architecture, personality, tone of voice and more to form a brand DNA with both purpose and promise. 

The look and feel was grounded in the company’s deep appreciation for the wild spirit of Sonoma, the influence of the land on their craft and way of life and the power of the outdoors in a digital world. We crafted elements to capture the brand’s heritage, untamed spirit and sense of adventure – from rugged natural woods that hark back to their wine barrels and copper to create a sense of the Californian sun shining on their native redwood trees. 

Before our brand development, Kenwood’s tone of voice was very matter-of-fact with a focus on technical winemaking and terroir details that few consumers would understand or be interested in. We made this more accessible with a raw but inviting voice that gave the brand’s messages authenticity and connected the consumer to their story. 

The success of the brand evolution led to our creation of national campaigns realised through a number of platforms. From ‘The Outdoor Pour’ consumer campaign that encouraged people to enjoy Kenwood wine anywhere from their backyards to mountain tops to our ‘Digital Detox’ campaign which inspired people to switch off from distractions, we’ve tangibly brought the brand’s purpose to life. A new website, activations, merchandise and a unique tasting ritual are just some of the touch points we’ve developed to help Kenwood gain relevance with consumers. 

Every touchpoint of the brand has been considered, and reflects the brand’s outdoor positioning and love of the wild. Inspiring people to step outside and reconnect with what matters.

This infographic was developed by A_TK to showcase the ocean, the wild coastal winds, sun, and rugged mountains all of which create unique, captivating microclimates for harvesting Kenwood’s craft. Each wine is crafted to be true to its roots and is a bold expression of the land’s wild character.

The tasting barn at Kenwood provides customers with a true brand experience and those important instagrammable moments; all of which we have concepted in house using CGI renders to bring the vision to life.