Klassiker was founded on a passion for creating custom air-cooled Porsche 911s, championing the belief that creating is more fun than just buying. Armed with the capabilities to achieve every design idea they develop, the scope of potential for the brand was huge.
Since its beginnings in 2014, it was time to develop the brand identity to reflect its classic personality with an edge. Starting by shortening the name from Klassiker 911 to the more impactful Klassiker, we then created a distinctive design reminiscent of a Monte Carlo rally.
Photography formed the core of the new identity. Juxtaposing a high-end fashion aesthetic that oozes attitude with religious symbols crafted from car parts, the strapline hails the brand as the ultimate ‘holy grail’ of custom air-cooled Porsche. We extended this into apparel and car stickers. Making the brand functional as well as wearable, we were able to generate more revenue from its devoted followers.