Positioning pleasure as empowerment, we gave this innovative cannabis-infused lubricant a brand that really stands for something.

Going against the seedy look and feel of competitors, we created a sophisticated brand and product design that women could proudly display in their bathroom cabinets. While other brands used harsh purples and vibrant colours, we created a subtle colour palette with natural pink tones combined with black and white model photography. Our upside-down triangular brand graphic also nods to female sexuality, while maintaining a desirable and sleek aesthetic. 

We also sought to tear up the taboos of talking about sex with bold, unashamed and inclusive language that celebrates sexuality as key to achieving wellbeing. Using headlines such as ‘Pleasure at your fingertips’ and ‘Tune into your body and turn it on’ we showed women that they are in control of their sexual pleasure, while appreciating that each and every woman is different. Encouraging women to stick it to the stigmas, we created a brand that’s too good to be kept secret.

After defining the full brand identity and website, we worked on the oh.hi product packaging. This includes everything from selecting the right bottle, to designing both the full bottle wrap and box that will be seen on the shelves when launched. We’re excited to get our hands on the next product in the pipeline!