Origin Broadband

A local broadband provider looking to take on the big market holders, Origin needed a new brand identity to give them greater commercial value for both their consumer and business offerings. It was a challenge that required us to Outhink the competition, rather than out spend them. 

Approaching the new brand from scratch, we developed assets to make it stand out in any environment. Creating a dynamic, vibrant feel through fluorescent green with a contrast of slate grey, the brand was instantly lifted from its former muddied colourways. We also introduced an ‘O’ icon to form a varied brand language that ties into the brand’s philosophy – straightforward and unlimited. The brand was also modernised with a customised typeface and made cleaner by dropping ‘broadband’ from the logo to allow potential for the company to explore other territories in the future.


As it was previously, the brand was also faceless, showcasing none of its people even though it professed to be proud of its customer service. We transformed this by showing off their team with fun and real photography to bolster a reputation as an approachable, people-first provider.

If Origin were to successfully increase their market share, they also needed to be able to talk the talk. A brighter future for them meant not only brighter, more impactful colours but also an approachable and friendly tone of voice that customers can trust. Once we established this Origin could connect with both its current and prospective customers.