A local broadband provider looking to take on the big market holders, Origin needed a new brand identity to give them a brighter, fresher and more personal approach. It was a challenge that required us to Outhink™ the competition, rather than out spend them.
Approaching the new brand from scratch, we developed bright and playful assets to reflect both its budget offering and the bright, friendly people within the business. The fluorescent green brand colour transformed the former muddied colourways and gave them an ownable identity in the market space. We also introduced an ‘O’ icon to form a varied brand language that ties into the brand’s philosophy - straightforward and unlimited.
If Origin were to successfully increase their market share, they also needed to be able to talk the talk. A brighter future for them meant not only brighter, more impactful colours but also an approachable and friendly tone of voice that customers can trust. Once we established this Origin could connect with both its current and prospective customers.
The old brand was faceless, showcasing none of its people even though they pride themselves on personal service (as opposed to competitors who leave their customers to battle with call centres). Our approach was to capture individual personalities within the team and bring them to the fore through people photography.