To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the sticky stuff, Sellotape wanted us to create a standout campaign that would evoke emotion and nostalgia when launching their limited edition vintage tin into the market at Christmas.
Our concept ‘Let’s Stick Together’ drew on the rich heritage of the brand. Having helped people stick stuff together for 80 years, Sellotape could also help everyone give more than a gift at Christmas by encouraging them to stick by the ones that matter the most. We brought this campaign to life through an advert and interactive social media engagement. We also created a keepsake decorative tin harking back to the old times – an addition that completely sold out.
Every element of the campaign drew on the emotional relevance of the product, showing how Sellotape isn’t just for wrapping gifts - it’s about bringing people together. The story of Sellotape’s long history and journey was integral to sparking emotional engagement with consumers. From its use in WW2 first aid kits to keeping surprises secret, Sellotape’s most successful campaign in years showed that they’ve always been there for people.