The Baijiu Society

Founded with a vision of a unique and cutting-edge drink, Baijiu started with a group of renowned brewers united by an enchantment with the East and a thirst for new flavours. It began with their first product – Baijiu Beer – a craft beer infused with China’s national spirit, Baijiu. Approaching us to create a brand and product packaging that would drive success in both Chinese and British markets, The Baijiu Society wanted to represent the meeting of East and West flavours at its finest.

Creating bottle designs as unique as the product itself, we firmly placed the product in its premium position. As the success of Baijiu Beer blossomed, so did the potential for new Baijiu taste experiences. Expanding into ranges of Baijiu Society Cocktails and Baijiu Infusions, we created a distinctive look and feel for each whilst maintaining the brand’s identity throughout. From matte black bottles inscribed with beautiful lettering to custom-made embossed glass bottles, each range is designed to take the consumer on a taste exploration.

Giving the business the means to let their brand story flourish to potential investors, we also created a high quality presentation book and brand video. Taking readers on a journey from the beginning to the evolution of the spirit, it engages people with each range of culture-connecting drinks. See our work in action here: